Travel in Iraq - Amazing Places that are possible to visit in 2016

Travel in Iraq– Remarkable Places that are possible to visit in 2017-2018 Visit Iraq is a fascinating nation situated in Western Asia.

Touristically speaking, Iraq lost its location on the planet tourism arena.For a very long time forgotten, Iraq is now a strange country because we do not hear individuals speaking about taking a trip there that often (due to the lack of security).

Prior to the unilateral American attack of its territory, Iraq was safe and had thousands of western travelers visiting it every year.Why?Because Iraq is located in the heart of Mesopotamia, where human beings developed the very first terrific civilizations.This said, Iraq is a natural born historic nation.

Present in the early birth of contemporary civilizations, places like Samarra, Ur, Hatra and popular Babylon still sound the bell when mentioned.Unfortunately today, due to the existence of radical militant Islamic groups that made the most of the political and security space, Iraq is a no-go location for the many of its north and center areas. Instagramming from Iraq: The Foreign and Commonwealth Workplace of the UK Government advises against all travel to: Anbar province Ninewah

province Salah-Al-Din province Diyala province Tam ‘mim(Kirkuk)province in Erbil province, south of Roadway 80, and within 10km of the border with Ninewah province
  • in between Roadway 80 and Roadway 2
  • This suggests that, apart from these tough core harmful locations, Iraq can still be visited, although the FCO advises here against all however important travel to the rest of Iraq. ✕ KEEP IN MIND: Middle-east is very unstable and you need to understand that taking a trip to this region is not 100%safe. This blog simply shares travel info, and by this, I mean that I am not accountable for any misinformation or anything that can take place to you. Be diligent and travel safeand noise. Check Out the Iraq Travel Caution page by the U.S. Department of State. ⚠ Travel to Iraq– important Travel to Iraq– important Checking out Iraq is tough since it’s not a safe destination. It’s complete of very friendly, proud and hospitable people.On this page, I make a list of 24 amazing locations in Iraq which are unquestionably the country’s significant tourist attractions. Iraq has much more than this to see, however this is just a list of areas

    that we can go to and that are not off

  • restricts to westerners.ℹ 3 regions in Iraq are in some way safe for the daring travelers: Iraqi Kurdistan– managed by the Kurd government headed by President Masoud Barzani. The capital city is Erbil.Baghdad– the capital city of the Republic of Iraq controlled by the Iraqi federal government headed by President Fuad Masum.Southern Iraq– controlled by the Iraqi government and other shia armed militias. The most crucial cities are Karbala, Najaf and Basra.

    These shia militias are currently securing and sheltering countless Christian andYazidi refuges that escape from the northern part of the country.Also read: Remarkable Places in Iraq 1-Al Kifl Al Kifl, Iraq Al Kifl is a city located in

  • the south-east of Iraq, on the banks of the Euphrates River, in between Najaf and Al Hillah. Al Kifl’s importance is due to be the area of the Bible prophet Ezekiel’s tomb.This location was as soon as a significant traveler destination with countless visitors. Inside the walls, this shrine has a dome with Hebrew engravings mixedwith flower Islamic designs.Before the war, Iraq had the 2nd biggest Jewish community in the Middle East(the

    first being Israel andAl Kifl, Iraq

    the third being Iran). Yearly, countless Jews used to visit this location during Easter. Nowadays, with the lack of security, this is not possible anymore as a lot of Iraqi Jews left the nation. Photo gallery of Al Kifl:2-Al Mada’in Al Madain, Iraq Al Mada’in is an ancient settlement with obvious regional significance. Here passed the Sasanian, Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Buyid Empires. It is stated that it was the Iranians who developed the city and was later restored by King Zab, Alexander the Great and King Shapur II.In current history, Al Mada’in is the location of the pilgrimage website of Salman al-Muhammadi’s Tomb.

    Given that this is a Shia shrine inside a

    majority Sunni

    Al Madain, Iraq

    town, Al Mada’in has an extremely strong army presence.Also called Salman the Persian, he was the buddy of Muhammad( the main figure of Islam )and Ali( the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad ). Inside the mosque, one can also check out the burial place of Hudhaifa al-Yamani and the grave of Jabir Abdullah al-Ansari.

    A few kms south of Al Mada’in we can visit the historical website of Taq Kasra(the just remaining structure of the ancient city of Ctesiphon ).3-Al Qurnah Al Qurnah, Iraq Al Qurnah is a small town located in south Iraq. This is the confluence of the Tigris and the Euphrates River. You can quickly go to the specific location where the rivers meet.The ancient Adam’s tree inside the public garden is said to be Bible’s Tree of Knowledge. Some say that Qurnah is the actual location of the Garden of Eden. It seems Abraham himself was there 4,000 years ago acknowledging the value of thisAl Qurnah, Iraq

    tree.This city is likewise understood for

    being the scene of the Battle of Qurna. Throughout the First World War, the British attacked this area in order to defeat the Ottoman troops.4-Al Ukhaidir Al Ukhaidir, Iraq The Fortress of Al-Ukhaidir, also referred to as the Abbasid Palace of Ukhaider, is situated about an hour drive from Karbala.This rectangular shape fortress, set up in the year 775 BC, was used by the Abbasid caliph As-Saffah with the function of protecting his area.5-Amadiya

  • Amadiya, Iraq Amadiya is a city developed on top of an unwelcoming rocky mountain, 1500 meters above sea level.Once upon a time, the only accessible entryway was via a staircase carved on the rock itself.The various sights to check out are the tombs of the Kings, the breathtaking view from the top of the mosque, the marketplace

    Amadiya, Iraq

    Street, the incredible Badinan Gate, Sulav springs and Kani village.6- Aqrah Aqrah, Iraq Aqrah was the most amazing

    place of my journey to Iraqi Kurdistan. Aqrah name suggests”sterile “, since the land is not suitable for agriculture purposes. Aqrah includes homes constructed on the hillside, a mosque with a prominent turret, the mountain Zarvia Dji and 2 waterfalls.7-Barzan Barzan, Iraq Barzan is a town situated in Erbil province along the Great Zab river. Barzan is the birthplace of Sheikh Ahmed Barzani and Mustafa Barzani. They are the well-known Kurdish leaders from the family in power in Iraqi Kurdistan.In Barzan we can check out the Centre

    for Kurdish Studies, the Kurdish Independence Museum and the martyrs cemetery.8-Babylon Babylon, Iraq Babylon was an essential city in ancient Mesopotamia.Situated on the banks of the Euphrates River, this historical site is among the highlights when you check out Iraq.Babylon was one of the largest cities in the world throughout the 6th century BC. German archaeologist Robert Koldewey revealed the buried monoliths, adding to one of

    Babylon, Iraq

    the biggest archaeology discoveries of perpetuity. Instagramming from Babylon: This city was a massive city center in former times composed of Ancient walls, temples and the Etemenanki ziggurat devoted to

    Marduk, which influenced the Tower of Babel and the Hanging Gardens. Unforgivable not to go to Babylon as soon as in a lifetime.Near Babylon, we can also go to the within of Saddam Hussein’s Summertime Palace.< img src= alt="The abandoned Summer Palace of Saddam Hussein and the ruins of Babylon"width=900 height= 1200 > The deserted Summer season Palace of Saddam Hussein and the ruins of Babylon Instagraming from Babylon:9- Baghdad Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and its cultural-political

    The abandoned Summer Palace of Saddam Hussein and the ruins of Babylon

    . With its 6 million individuals, Baghdad is considered to be one of the most

    hazardous cities in the world.The existing hard political scenario due

    Baghdad, Iraq

    to several years of

    war and sectarian problems triggered by extremist Islamic militant groups makes this city witness suicide attacks nearly daily.At a touristic level, the city faces major difficulties due to the severe police control and military presence.If you’re brave sufficient to visit Baghdad, you can go to the Museum of Baghdad, the Al-Faw Palace (Water Palace), the famous Firdos Square and the Swords of Qadisiyah aka the Success Arch. Instagramming from Baghdad: Other great locations are the Al-Shaheed monolith, the National Museum of Iraq, the popular book market in

    Mutanabbi Street, Umm al-Qura Mosque, the Ottoman Castle, the Cathedral, the Khan Murjan caravanserai, the al Rashid Street market, the Tahrir Square and the al-Kadhimiya shrine.10-Basra Basra, Iraq Basra is among the biggest cities in Iraq, and where its most important port is located.Set on the banks of the River Chatt al-Arab in the south of Iraq, Basra is about five hours drive from the capital, Baghdad.It is one of the most appropriate cities in relation to oil production, adding to much of the country’s economy.11-Borsippa Borsippa, Iraq Borsippa was a prominent city in Sumer( the first civilization on the planet )which was put up on the banks of the Euphrates River.It is believed that the ziggurat

    was put up in honor to the local god called Nabu– the son of Marduk of Babylon. The city is of extreme cultural significance in the historical area of southern Mesopotamia.12-Ctesiphon Ctesiphon, Iraq Ctesiphon started to acquire regional relevance around the second century BC. It was one of the great cities of Mesopotamia and the capital of the Arsacid and Sassanid Empire for almost 1,000 years. Instagramming from Ctesiphon: This city is pointed out in the Old Testimony(the very first area of the Christian Bible)and in the Book of Ezra(a book of the Hebrew Bible that describes the remediation of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Jewish exile). Ctesiphon is located along the Tigris River near Al-Mada’in.13 -Dohuk Dohuk, Iraq Dohuk is located in northern Iraq along the Tigris River. Many of its population are Kurds and Assyrian Christians. The landscape surrounding the city is quite mountainous and beautiful.14 -Erbil Erbil, Iraq Erbil is the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which lies 4 hours drive north of Baghdad. Erbil it is one of the oldest cities in the

    world. Its

    Dohuk, Iraq

    very first settlement

    go back 7,000 years.Erbil Citadel is on the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage site, since it is amongst the earliest continually occupied cities in the history of humanity.15- Euphrates river Euphrates river, Iraq The Euphrates River is the longest and the most popular river in the Middle East traditionally speaking. The Euphrates, along with the Tigris, form the biggest river basin in southwest Asia.The Euphrates crosses cities such as Ar-Raqqah, Ramadi, Fallujah, Kufa and Nasiriyah. The old city of Babylon was built on the left and ideal banks of the

    Euphrates.16 -Karbala

    Karbala, Iraq

    Karbala is a well known city where the well-known Fight of Karbala took location in 680 AD. It is one of the holiest cities for Shiite individuals after Mecca, Medina and Najaf

    . The factor of this significance is the reality that Imam Husayn Shrine and his half-brother al-Abbas ibn Ali lie in the city center.17-Khanzad< img src = alt="Khanzad, Iraq"width=900 height=1200 > Khanzad, Iraq Khanzad Castle is found on

    the way to Shaqlawa

    , north of Erbil Province. The recently restored ancient castle go back a few centuries back to the Kurdish emirate in the Soran duration.18 -Kufa Kufa, Iraq This city reveals fantastic importance to Shiite Muslims,

    because together with SamarraKhanzad, Iraq

    , Karbala,

    Kadhimiya and Najaf, they all had the existence of the great masters of Shia Islam. It remained in Kufa that the Arab vertical Kufic writing was created and developed. Dating back to the seventh century, the Great Mosque

    Kufa, Iraq

    of Kufa is considered one of the earliest in Iraq.19- Mar Odiso Abbey Mar Odiso Monastery, Iraq Mar Odisu is a sanctuary for Assyrian Christians(Chaldeans ), where people do their spiritual routines with unique spiritual sparkling water. Found in Iraqi Kurdistan, this Christian religious

    complex lies in between AmadiyaMar Odiso Monastery, Iraq

    and Barzan.20 -Mesopotamian Marshes Mesopotamian Marshes, Iraq The Mesopotamian Marshes are considered to be Western Eurasia’s biggest wetlands environments. This unusual location in the desert had a lot of water, so it utilized to be extremely efficient and flourishing. Instagramming from the marshlands: Individuals who reside in Iraq’s southern marshes are referred to as Ma ‘d ān– or simple as

    — Arabs of the Marshlands. These individuals construct extraordinary drifting homes made of reeds harvested in their own marshes, transferred in canoes and small boats.Also checked out:21-Najaf

    Najaf, Iraq Najaf is considered to be among the holiest Muslim cities on the planet. It also holds the Shiite political center of the country. Instagramming from Najaf: The tomb of Ali ibn Abi Talib’s– the first Imam of the Shiites(Shias )– is the most essential website in

    Najaf. Being the holiest website of Shia Islam

    Najaf, Iraq

    , after Capital and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Najaf gets countless pilgrims annually.The largest and the earliest cemetery in the world, Wadi-us-Salaam is worth a see for

    its unbelievable size, since it has

    more than 5 million burial places. Wadi Al-Salaam cemetery, located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, is the largest cemetery on the planet 22-Sulav Sulav, Iraq Sulav is a little town in Iraqi Kurdistan. Rather hilly, the surrounding mountain landscapes are breathtaking.Locals gather here in the afternoon to delight in the river cafés and to smoke hookah(argilah )with flavored tobacco. Sulav is located near Amadiya.23- Ziggurat of Ur

    Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq The Neo-Sumerian ziggurat in the old city of Ur near Nasiriyah is a fantastic

    historical site.This location was a crucial industrial hub back in 3800 BC. Located in a strategic region in between the Tigris and the Euphrates River, Ur was the perfect connection to the Persian Gulf.Abraham,

    Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq

    the very first of the 3 patriarchs of Judaism, was born in Ur. His house lies north of the ziggurat and can be visited.

    Home of Abraham, Iraq 24-Zab river Zab river, Iraq The Great Zab river runs in eastern Turkey

    Home of Abraham, Iraq

    and northwestern Iraq

    . It increases near

    Zab river, Iraq

    Van lake and flows into the Tigris River south of Mosul. ✕ NOTE: I’ve been to Iraq twice. The very first time back in 2010 and the second time just recently in the beginning of 2016. I

    knowI’m discussing a country where its Northern areas are presently battling versus terrorists, but southern Iraq does appear a bit more secure. If you think you wish to make such a journey, contact Mr. Adam from Alwaseilah Tours– a Liverpool(UK)based company, and he will provide you all the information about how you can take a trip to Iraq.


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