Depoe Bay’s Insanely Cool Off-The-Beaten-Path Attractions: Oregon Coast Travel Tips

Published 12/30/2018 at 4:43 AM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

(Depoe Bay, Oregon) – Cajoling yet disorderly: let’s face it, the Depoe Bay area is rugged and gorgeous -but it’s also unforgiving. On this part of the central Oregon coast, you’re constantly getting an eyeful, and while that beauty is frequently filled with threats, it’s a consistent stream of discoveries too. A lot remarkable things is stuffed into one little location, and it’s not always obvious.

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The area in and around Depoe Bay has numerous secret destinations, there’s no other way you could visit them all in one day. There’s that much packed into the small town.

First off in your journey of discovery: North Point. It’s a concealed little access hid behind some area streets. Look for Vista Ave. at the north end of town and take that westward.

When parking here, do not be a jerk. It is a suburb. When you find a spot, you’ll come across an amazing portion of cliffline you won’t forget. The basalt rock here is definitely unique along the entire Oregon coast. One area looks as if rock had actually somehow grown over remnants of a railway track; another seems like a small basement, total with small actions embedded in the rock taking you down. There’s the wild vibrations of the location: when the wave action is huge enough you can feel the basalt cliff actually shake a tiny bit. It’s eye-popping.

Did you ever observe that intriguing arm of basalt that extends out in the distance, as seen from downtown Depoe Bay? That’s it. You can walk on part of that and in fact recall at the town from the offshore side (top photo).

Next up is South Point St.: the geographical opposite of North Point. This is likewise part of a community, and the street dead-ends on a comparable set of basalt cliffs. These are likewise amazing, but a little more harmful due to the fact that there’s lots of that green seaweed-like goo making things slippery.

Behind Depoe Bay’s downtown lie 2 impressive little viewpoints. One is basically behind the structure real estate the visitor center: Walk west on Ellingson and about fifty feet later you’re standing at a surprise perspective, coming total with a bench.

Here, you’re basically on Coast Dr., which meanders north to south along the cliffs and forest. Walk another block south and you’ll discover Depoe Panorama Location– perhaps among the tinniest parks on the planet. As soon as you stroll up its pathway you’ll find a clearing barely 20 square feet, a bench, and a marvelous view.

There is yet another secret cove listed below Depoe Bay: this one is discovered at the bluff hosting Inn at Arch Rock. Their walkway is the only gain access to down there (a minimum of one that’s safe). It’s worth remaining there simply to explore the small cove, and the views are non-stop action also.

Each room comes with its own special decorand there are some fireplaces available. 70 NW Sunset Street. Depoe Bay, Oregon. 541-765-2560 or 800-767-1835

Right near the spouting horn, there’s something a tad extraordinary: a combo of bed and breakfast and vacation rental called Ocean Paradise Whales Rendezvous. These are 2 oceanfront suites: either a trip leasing or a BnB– you get to pick. It’s all 50 feet above the waves where the action is non-stop. It also includes a private deck, garden area, wood fire pit and more. 147 N. Highway 101. 541-765-3455. Site here.

There’s much more hiding within Depoe Bay itself and at the different parks and viewpoints surrounding it, consisting of Rodea Point, the Ben Jones Bridge viewpoint, secret courses along Otter Loop Road or locations like Fogarty Beach or Boiler Bay.

Other Lodging Ideas for Depoe Bay

Oregon Beach Vacations has many condominiums and some homes in the small Oregon coast burgh. There’s rather a choice– see their website. 1-800-723-2383.

Check out the Prince of Whales vacation condo through A1 Holiday Rentals. Set on among those rocky bluffs filled with crazed tidal action, this one also comes with a river rock fireplace. Site here (through A1 Trip Rentals). (503 )-232 -5984.

Keystone Vacation Leasings. High-end oceanfront condominiums are found in Depoe Bay and Lincoln City, consisting of well understood resort locations such as Village at North Pointe and Pacific Winds. (503) 443-1414. See their website.– – Where to eat – Maps and Virtual Tours

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