We all anticipated Snoopy-themed spaces to be adorable, but we never pictured they ‘d be this elegant, and even romantic.

When choosing where to remain during a journey in Japan, lots of people consider a night in a ryokan inn to be a must. However as intriguing as a night in conventional accommodations is, Japan also has a lot of incredible modern-day hotels, consisting of, since this month, a Peanuts hotel!After months

of distressed waiting by fans, the Peanuts Hotel opened its doors in Kobe on August 1, using rooms based upon the precious Charles Schulz cartoons. Located near Sannomiya Station, in the heart of the city’s entertainment district, the property has a shop hotel mentality, with 18 guestrooms all offering various decorations including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and other characters from the iconic franchise.

If the concept of a themed hotel has you thinking of a chintzy tourist trap, reconsider. Each room is noticeably yet tastefully designated, with this Japanese-style space being particularly lovely as it blends classical Japanese aesthetic appeals with images of the world’s most popular beagle.

▼ Snoopy’s sense of chill works well with a reflective mini rock garden.Each flooring of

the hotel has a various core concept, beginning with “Picture” for the 4th, which is where you’ll find spaces commemorating the time Snoopy made it to the moon and another that salutes his suave change ego Joe Cool.Moving as much as the fifth floor, “Delighted, “there’s a room motivated by Charlie Brown’s poignant quote “It’s an error to attempt to avoid the undesirable things in life,” a philosophy that was regularly checked as the luckless pitcher got shelled by always hidden, usually triumphant opponents.

▼ Unless one Charlie Brown face has a mathematical worth of 12, it’s another defeat for the hard-luck kid.But while the name on the door says “Peanuts Hotel,” it’s Snoopy who gets the most time in the spotlight, like in these California-like rooms showing the canine star’s stints as a web surfer and outdoorsman in Yosemite National Park.Finally, the sixth

floor is designed around the theme of”Love,”with the most romantic alternative being this room that sports an open-sky balcony with landscaping by kept in mind Japanese botanist Seijun Nishihata. The Peanuts Hotel’s rooms are so cool that they’re booked strong not just for this month, however for September. However, it’s announced that it will begin taking bookings for October and November starting August 20 at 1 p.m., Japan time, so mark the date on your calendar and transform the time to your local zone if you desire to stick with Snoopy this fall.Hotel information Peanuts Hotel/ ピーナッツ ホテル Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku, Nakayamatedori 1-22-26 兵庫県神戸市中央区中山手通1-22-26 Site Sources: Press
release, Peanuts Hotel Leading image: News release Place images: Press release, Peanuts Hotel [. Check out in Japanese]


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