Smart tourists need to understand how to look for bed bugs in a hotel space, no matter if they’re remaining a night in a rural motel or a week in a five-star resort. The presence of bed bugs is “not determined by the tidiness of the living conditions where they are discovered,” according to the Centers for Disease Control. Here, 5 tips for how to check for (and handle) bed bugs in a hotel space.1.

Do your research before making a hotel reservation.If you’re worried about bed bugs prior to you even sign in, look up your hotel on this bed bug computer registry to discover if a hotel has– or has had– bed bugs. You can learn more about the dangers of bed bug bites here. While we’re all for getting home with< a href= data-reactid=141 > mementos, bed bugs aren’t ones we ‘d recommend.2. Examine every inch of your bed.The very first place you ought to examine for bed bugs is the most apparent: your hotel bed. Look along the bed mattress joints and zippers, under the bed mattress, and at each joint of the bed frame. We do not suggest simply lifting up one corner to look– that will not suffice. Make sure to lift up each corner of the mattress and thoroughly examine for indications. Wondering what bed bugs look like? Measuring only 4 to 5 millimeters, they’re the size of a basic pearl. They have flat, oval-shaped red or brown bodies, complete with small legs and antenna. Because bed bugs generally come out during the night, keep a lookout for other tell-tale traces of their presence such as blood(ew, we know )and/or small white bed bug eggs about the size of a mustard seed or grain of sand.3. Do not stop at the bed– check the carpet and furnishings as well.According to the CDC, bed bugs usually live within eight feet of where you sleep. So inspect for the same bed bug signs along zippers

and covers of the in-room couch and chairs next. Bed bugs’reasonably flat bodies enable them to suit tight crevices, so look under buttons and at the seams of the furniture. Scan the location where the carpet satisfies the baseboards and, before you unpack and hang up your clothes, make sure to check the joints of the closets and drawer seals. For additional back-up, utilize your phone’s flashlight to assist you see the little signs of bed bugs in hard-to-reach corners. Last however not least, examine around your night table. Do you find any signs of bed bugs around picture frames, the joints of your nightstand’s drawers, or around the lights? 4. Keep your travel suitcase on a travel luggage rack far from the bed.An advice: Don’t toss your luggage on the bed or the flooring while you’re in the process of browsing for bed bugs. If bed bugs are present, tossing the suitcase on the floor is an open invitation for them to climb up aboard. While you’re ensuring the coast is clear, use the baggage rack or location your suitcase on a tough surface, like a table, to lessen your threat of bring in bed bugs.5. Demand to change rooms.If you suspect bed bugs after any of these actions, tell the hotel

front desk right away and ask

to be relocated to a different space– specifically, one that isn’t directly above, below, or beside the space you’re presently in, Rentokil suggests.


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